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Netflix: Games will come on mobile devices at no extra cost

Netflix has officially confirmed its expansion into gaming. Netflix confirmed this in the second quarter earnings report, where it states that it is currently in the early stages of expanding into games. Greg Peters COO and Netflix CPO also shared more details about the company's plans to introduce games to its platform.


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Netflix intends to continue to offer interactive gaming experiences. It will be based on previous similar content, such as Black Mirror Bandersnatch and Stranger Things. The giant streaming company also sees gaming as a new category of content, as it offered original films, animation and “unscripted TV”. Netflix has said it will offer games on mobile devices first and plans to expand to more devices later. These games will be offered at no extra cost to Netflix subscribers.

Greg Peters in the company's Q2 profit interview said that the expansion in gaming will initially be more experimental and will depend on the feedback of users. "It is a multi-year effort, we will start slowly, we will learn, we will grow, we will change our strategy again based on what we see working. We will be constantly improving based on what our members say functionSaid Peter.

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Peters added that the Netflix subscription model may prove to be more profitable than existing gaming revenue models. "We do not need to think advertisements, we do not need to think about in-game purchases or other revenue generation. We do not need to think about buying securities. We can do what we do in terms of movies and series. ”

Since games will be offered with Netflix subscription programs, users will probably not need to make any extra markets. Peters also stressed that this works for game developers, as "they really like this idea and the focus and the idea of ​​putting all their creative energy into a great game and not having to worry about other issues."

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Netflix intends to offer a range of games through different mechanisms and see how it works for its subscribers. The company has not yet announced details on the type of games it intends to offer and when it will launch, but it is expected to make its debut next year.

Source of information: businessinsider.in

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