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Chrome 92 for iOS: Gets FaceID / TouchID lock for incognito tabs

Along with Chrome 92 for Android and desktop, Google is also releasing the latest version of Chrome for iOS. As always, the new version brings a number of new features and changes, such as support for full page screenshots at system level, additional security for incognito tabs and more.

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Chrome 92 iOS

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One of the biggest changes in Chrome 92 for iOS is that you can now take full-page screenshots of a webpage - like Safari. After taking a screenshot in Chrome and clicking on the preview, users will now see a new "Full Page" tab to capture more parts of the page, along with tools for further customizing, saving, and sharing the screenshot.

Another useful change in Chrome 92 for iOS is the ability to lock incognito tabs behind Touch ID, the Face ID or a password. This means that if you leave incognito tabs open in Chrome and return, they will not be accessible or visible until you authenticate using the default security method. To enable the feature, go to Settings> Privacy> Lock Incognito tabs. If you do not see the option after updating to the latest version, you can enforce it by activating this Chrome flag: chrome: // flags / # enable-incognito-authentication-ios

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Also, the Settings, History and Bookmarks pages have received a slight change. Entries on these pages now appear on rounded cards and no longer extend from end to end. Chrome also asks for your confirmation before closing all tabs in Tab Switcher to avoid accidentally closing them forever. Finally, Chrome 92 for iOS now lets you share and you add bookmark tabs in your reading list by holding down a tab from Tab Switcher.

Chrome 92 for iOS is now available in the App Store and you can download it from here.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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