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Tesla Semi truck: Ready for mass production?

2017, the Tesla had revealed some details about its electric Semi truck, which it had already mentioned once in 2016. Now, after about four years, it seems that the company will start production of the long-awaited Tesla Semi truck.

Tesla Semi truck production

While some electric trucks are already on the road, none of them meet the specifications that Tesla promises.

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When the company announced the electric truck in 2017, stated that there will be two versions. It is essentially a class 8 truck with a capacity of 80.000 pounds (36.287 kg). However, one version will allow autonomy of their order 300 miles (about 480km) while the other extends the range to 500 miles (about 800 km). Prices for both versions are estimated at around $ 150.000 and $ 180.000 respectively.

However, the Tesla Semi truck is too late to go into production, something that has disappointed many customers.

When it was introduced in 2017, Tesla had said that the Semi truck would be on the market in 2019 and began accepting pre-orders from many companies that wanted to invest in electric vehicles.

However, Tesla was not able to deliver the truck in 2019. Somehow we reached 2021, but now it seems that the company is very close to the production of the vehicle.

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In March, Electrek reported that Tesla had built one production line for the Tesla Semi truck in a new building near Gigafactory Nevada, in order to produce five electric Tesla Semi per week, by the end of the year.

It is now said that the production line is ready and that the final debugging is done before the production officially starts. It's one of the last steps that needs to be taken.

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Last summer, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, told officials in an email that “it's time to get the Tesla Semi truck into productionWithout informing about the schedule.

More recently, Tesla said production of the electric truck would begin this year, but gave no further details.

Tesla has revealed that it intends to use the first Tesla Semi trucks for its own activities, but some customers who have pre-ordered very early will also pick up the vehicles within the year.

Source: Electrek

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