HomesecurityEngland: Hundreds of offline ticket machines due to attack

England: Hundreds of offline ticket machines due to attack

A ransomware attack led to shutdown of hundreds of self-service machines Ticket in the north of England. The company's customers Northern, which serves towns across the north of England, are asked to use the mobile app, website or ticket office, as self-service ticket machines remain problematic. The attack comes just two months after the installation of 600 touch-screen ticket machines at 420 stations across the region.

Northern ticket machines
England: Hundreds of offline ticket machines due to attack

"Last week we had technical difficulties with self-service ticket machines, which meant everything had to be found offline", Said a representative of Northern to ZDNet.

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The spokesman also said that the company has launched an investigation, although the evidence so far shows that Northern's machines were affected by an ransomware attack.

At this time we do not know which ransomware is behind the attack in Northern (which is supported by the government) or how the cybercriminals managed to break into the network. However, the company says that based on the investigations and thanks to the immediate actions, only those were affected servers related to self-service ticket machines.

"The issue was first identified through cyber surveillance systems and our initial investigations indicated that the service may have been affected by a cyber attackSaid a spokesman for Flowbird, a supplier of ticketing systems.

Both Northern As well as the Flowbird they say that no customer information or payment data has been breached.

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"We are working to restore the ticket machines as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this incident", Said the representative of Northern.

It is not known when the ticket machines will be fully restored or if Northern or Flowbird have contacted the cybercriminals and demanded a ransom.

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Ransomware attacks, where cybercriminals hack into corporate networks, encrypt data and demand ransom, have been a major problem during 2021. In fact, world leaders have recently spoken out about this major threat to see how they can deal with it.

Source: ZDNet

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