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Bezos will travel "deeper" into space than Richard Branson

Jeff Bezos is set to become the second billionaire to reach the edge of space this month. The Amazon founder, who resigned as CEO earlier this month, is scheduled to begin his journey early Tuesday with three associates - it will be Blue Origin's New Shepard launch vehicle maiden flight.

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His brother, 11-year-old Mark Bezos, will also be on Bezos' scheduled 53-minute flight. The 18-year-old Daemen, whose position was paid for by Joes's father, CEO of Somerset Capital Partners, was added to the crew after the winner of an anonymous $ 28 million auction will not be able to attend the flight due to poor planning.

Bezos will travel deeper into space than Richard Branson

If all goes well, the New Shepard suborbital flight will lead the crew after the Kármán line, the internationally recognized space limit, about 330.000 feet or about 62 miles above the Earth. This will give Bezos and Blue Origin - which he founded in 2000 - the opportunity to brag to Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson, whose flight earlier this month on SpaceShipTwo reached an altitude of about 282.000 feet, exceeding the set Earth limit. NASA 50 miles.

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Blue Origin vs. Virgin Galactic

Aside from the altitude, the New Shepard launch has some other key differences from Branson's July 11 flight: instead of getting off the pad, the Virgin Galactic crashed into a specially designed aircraft about 50.000 feet before launching the engines. ascent. The Virgin Galactic spacecraft also returned to Earth to land on the space shuttle-like runway.

Instead, the New Shepard is launched as a conventional rocket and its capsule is designed to return home. The capsule, along with Bezos and his spaceship partners, will return to the high plains of Texas using brake missiles instead of the sea.

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The New Shepard, which is fully autonomous, was named after Alan Shepard, who in 1961 became the first American to go into space.

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