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Mr Bitcoin Alexander Vinnik: Interview with Zoe Konstantopoulou [Updated]

Mr Bitcoin Alexander Vinnik (Updated): In an exclusive interview with SecNews, Zoe Konstantopoulou answers all our questions regarding the case of Alexander Vinnik or -according to many- known as Mr. Bitcoin.

On Wednesday 28 July 2021 at 17.00 at SecNews TV, our YouTube channel, η Greek lawyer of the Russian technician will analyze the situation in which the case of Mr. Bitcoin and will answer questions from the editorial team and users who will be able to ask their questions online.

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Mr Bitcoin Alexander Vinnik: Konstantopoulou July 28 on SecNews

A few days have passed since the press conference of Mrs. Konstantopoulou, during which, she revealed evidence - fire that testify to the secret cooperation of the Ministry of Justice of Greece with the Ministry of Justice of the United States of America.

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The reason for the existence of the secret agreements between Greece and the USA suggest, according to what was mentioned in the Press Conference, the urgent need of America for involvement in litigation in order to circumvent Mr Bitcoin rights. One of the main reasons for the US obsession with the case is because they demand the extradition of Alexander Vinnik (America Vinnik) to America in order -according to Mrs. Konstantopoulou- to be used as a "weapon" in their hands against Russia. They seek to use it in the long-running cyber war between the United States and Russia.

Alexander Vinik
Mr Bitcoin Alexander Vinnik

Alexander Vinnik was arrested in Greece in July 2017, being the "guru" of cryptocurrencies, and in 2021 by decision of the Paris Court of Appeals, the indictment against him was definitively dropped and his acquittal of the vast majority was sealed. Following the triumphant victory-acquittal of Alexander Vinnik (Alexander Vinnik), who was wanted for arrest by three countries - Russia, America, France - Mrs. Konstantopoulou brought to light public conversations - evidence of government involvement in the case creating an ominous situation in the last 4 years to himself and his family.

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Mr Bitcoin Alexander Vinnik: Konstantopoulou July 28 on SecNews
Zoe Konstantopoulou

Ms. Konstantopoulou will speak to Secnews about the above and will answer even more questions about difficult case who has undertaken against the "beasts".

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On Wednesday 28 July 2021 at 17.00 on SecNews TV, you can also participate in the interesting discussion with the Greek lawyer and send your own questions.

Save the date and stay tuned to SecNews for even more details about the interview and more.

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