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Apple: Delays return to office after protests

After the new increase presented by its cases COVID-19 Apple Corps is now delaying its plans until at least October, following ongoing protests by its employees over its announced plan to return many employees to office three days a week from September. Bloomberg.

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The report suggests that Apple will continue to monitor the situation and notify its employees for at least a month before requiring employees to return to their offices.

The manufacturer iPhone becomes one of the first tech giants in the US to delay plans to return to normalcy, as Covid insists and incidents involving his highly contagious mutation are on the rise. Apple will notify its employees for at least a month before ordering them to return to their offices, said sources familiar with the matter, who, however, asked to remain anonymous.

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After more than a year of distance working, many employees not only at Apple but also at many other companies have expressed interest in continuing their remote work, seeking increased flexibility and in some cases an escape from high housing prices near many corporate offices in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

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While some companies have adopted this practice, Apple has so far tried to take a hybrid approach, arguing that personal collaboration is essential to the company's culture and future. So while Apple may have delayed its plans to get most of its employees back to work, it remains to be seen how things will turn out in the long run.

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