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Tesla: Why is it closing its first Supercharger station in LA?

Η Tesla closes its Supercharger station at its design studio in Los Angeles, its first Supercharger station, for reasons security.

Tesla Supercharger

Nearly a decade ago, Tesla opened its first Supercharger Station near Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles.

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The company electric vehicles later decided to expand the station, but was now forced to close it.

The company published a notice that read: “This Supercharging site will be permanently closed to the general public on Monday, July 19th. "

It has already been removed from the Supercharger map and Tesla navigation system.

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Redditor "jamesf10603", who posted the following image, said he had spoken to someone in the design studio about the closure of the station and confirmed that this was due to safety concerns:

Tesla: Why is it closing its first Supercharger station in LA?

I spoke with the head of the Tesla design studio in Hawthorne and he told me that he asked the supercharger station to close for security reasons. This was the first supercharger ever built.

He also said that he specifically asked for it from him Elon Musk and that Elon “he was a little disappointed, but he understood".

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This decision is not surprising, if one thinks about it location in which the station is located. Initially, customers will have to go through the back streets of its headquarters SpaceX to get to the station. Then the station shares a lobby with the real design studio, where Tesla works in new vehicles and secret projects. Some meeting rooms are visible from the lobby.

Owners of Tesla vehicles going to this Supercharger station and waiting in the lobby could not use their phones because Tesla did not want to record what they saw there.

It is said that several people tried to roam the area when no one was at the front desk, despite clear instructions on the door.

If this happened often, it is no surprise that Tesla decided to restrict public access to the Supercharger station.

Source: Electrek

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