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The new XCOM: Legends game is free-to-play for mobile

While Firaxis is probably busy with the Marvel game, a studio called Iridium Starfish has released XCOM on the Google Play store. XCOM: Legends is still in development and only available in certain areas, but the game footage is already appearing on YouTube.

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XCOM: Legends

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The first thing to note about XCOM: Legends is that it is played horizontally and the second is that while it is a turn-based class game, the only move or placement you can make is to decide which of your heroes will protect as you "go from battle to battle."

XCOM: Legends is set in the XCOM 2 timeline and has several celebrities emerging between missions. During the seminar you will discover an alien device called the Archway. What does this powerful psionic technique do? Allows you to summon legendary heroes or items in exchange for premium currency. XCOM: Legends is a gacha game where you complete your regular teams with more powerful ones characters.

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When not playing, battlefield tools and resources are collected from the "Integrated Drone Looting Experience" or IDLE for short.

Of course, if you want an XCOM game on mobile both XCOM: Enemy Within as well as XCOM 2 are already available.

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