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The Nintendo Switch OLED is no longer available for pre-order

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the latest Nintendo console to be introduced recently.

The gaming community's theories about the Nintendo Switch Pro expired earlier this month when the console was released. Like all consoles with continuous restocks, the OLED model is no different, as pre-orders are no longer available in selected retail stores.

Nintendo Switch OLED

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As is usually the case with Nintendo consoles there is no stock for pre-order. This was evident in the sales of the Nintendo Switch, which has already sold more than 85 million units since March of this year.

The company expects the increase in Switch demand to reach 90 million.

In just a few minutes, the stock for this gaming gadget ran out - pre-orders started at 3 p.m. (12 pm PT) on Thursday 15 July.

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What's new with the Nintendo Switch OLED

According to a report by The Verge, the new console has a 7-inch screen that is larger than the original Switch and Lite versions. For those who have high expectations for this product, it will not come with 4K support. The OLED model will also not have a new processor for "heavy toys“. What it introduced instead was the improved LAN internet port and an upgraded kickstand.

The Nintendo Switch OLED console is not available

As mentioned above, pre-orders started at 3 p.m. EST on Thursday 15 July and within minutes the stocks were exhausted.

The Amazon, GameStop, Target and other stores participated in the pre-orders. This wave of pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED is not over yet. At any time or in the coming days, Nintendo could release extra stock.

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Prior to its official release on October 8, many users may have already acquired the coveted Switch console.

Source of information: techtimes.com

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