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The United States is suing Amazon for selling dangerous goods

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says Amazon sells dangerous products to its customers. The commission sued Amazon to stop it.

Among the products mentioned in the treatment are carbon monoxide detectors that fail to strike, many children's pajamas that could catch fire and almost 400.000 hair dryers that could cause electric shock to people if they fall into the water.

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The lawsuit is another sign of a much more aggressive attitude than the CPSC. In the past, the organization did not choose to press companies through the courts, but now it seems that it has changed its tactics with companies that believe that they sell dangerous products.

The products listed are not sold directly by Amazon (AMZN) - sold by third parties using the Amazon platform. Many of these companies that sold the dangerous products listed by CPSC are foreign and CPSC has limited capacity to force their products to be withdrawn if they are found to be dangerous.

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The United States is suing Amazon for selling dangerous goods

The CPSC said that suppressing Amazon is the only way to keep consumers safe from these products.

Third-party vendors account for more than half of all natural products sold on Amazon. The company raised $ 80 billion in supplies and other payments from third party sellers last year.

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CPSC wants to force Amazon to stop selling these products, work with CPSC staff to recall products, and inform consumers who bought them directly about the recall and offer them a full money return.

Amazon said the company takes immediate action when it comes to security issues with products sold on the site, either by Amazon or third-party vendors.

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