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Android: How to remotely control your phone from PC?

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You want to check it out Android your phone via your PC? There is a way!

Below, you can see how this can be done easily:

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1. Check your Android phone from Windows 10

If you are using Windows, then you already have a basic way to access your Android phone from your PC. You can do this through it Your Phone app in Windows 10. It is an application that allows you to view the 25 most recent photos, send and receive text messages and manage calls from your computer. Microsoft also provides one screen-mirroring feature, which supports a limited number of devices.

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For his setup Your Phone, follow these steps:

  • Update Your Phone app on Windows and install it Your Phone Companion on Android.
  • Connect to Microsoft account on both devices.
  • Open the application on your phone and computer, and then follow the on-screen instructions to connect them.
  • You may have a little trouble with the setup process, but it's worth it if you want to control your Android phone through your Windows PC.

2. Access the Your Android phone from a PC with AirDroid

The AirDroid is like a more powerful version of Your Phone app. Gives you desktop access to most of the important features of your Android phone. Most importantly, you do not even need to create an account to use it. There is a possibility for free use of AirDroid, but you can also sign up for the premium version for even more features.

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The service offers desktop app for Windows and Mac, but are not necessary as it works in any major web browser, on any platform.

AirDroid lets you control your Android phone from a PC over the Internet or Wi-Fi, if both devices are connected to the same network.

Follow the procedure below to check Your Android phone with AirDroid:

  • Install AirDroid on your phone.
  • Open one Browser on your desktop or laptop and go to web.airdroid.com. A page showing a QR code will be loaded.
  • Open AirDroid on your phone and tap the icon Scan at the top of the screen, next to the AirDroid Web.
  • Scan it QR code.
  • press LOG IN (even if you have not created an account).
  • You are now logged in. You can access your phone functions through your PC browser.

You can see the available ones applications and your functions on the left. Tools and information about your phone are on the right. At the top is a box that you can use to search for apps, make calls, set notifications, and more.

The AirDroid does not work with third-party applications, therefore you cannot use Snapchat on your laptop. But that is the only major limitation.

You can make calls as well as send and read text messages. There is also access to your phone photos and videos, as well as stored music.

In addition, there are many tools that connect your phone and desktop. You can wirelessly move data from your PC to your phone, enter a desktop URL, and open the webpage on your phone and install APK files remotely.

3. Remote access to Android phone from PC, with AirDroid Cast

For more control, you can use AirDroid Cast, which lets you control your phone from your desktop.

To get started, you need to download it AirDroid Cast for Windows or Mac, as well as the application Android AirDroid Cast on your phone.

  • Open applications on both devices.
  • In the desktop app, you will see a QR code. Touch the icon Scan, scan the password, then press Start Casting.
  • After that, you will be logged in. AirDroid Cast only allows basic mirroring in the free version, but if you want full control over your Windows or Mac computer, you can upgrade to $ 3,49 a month.

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Unlike AirDroid, you can work with third-party applications in Cast and you can also move files to and from your phone. Because the app reflects your phone screen, you must keep the screen on to use it.

4. Check an Android phone from one PC, with Vysor

The Vysor works in a similar way to AirDroid Cast. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. There is a free version but also with a subscription. The free version is quite good but has limitations.

Turn on USB Debugging, install Vysor on your PC, and connect your phone. Everything happens automatically.

An application is running on your Android device. If you want to uninstall, you can do so by going to Settings> Applications and Notifications.

Once the installation is complete, you will see your phone screen in a window on your PC desktop.

Anything running on your phone can be used on the desktop.

Other ways to control it Your Android Phone From PC

There are other applications that allow you to control your Android phone from your PC, such as MightyText, Pushbullet, ApowerMirror and Scrcpy.

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