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How to Review Google Maps

Google lets you leave a review that everyone can see on Google Maps. You can check out almost any location, from a local business to a hiking trail or historical monument. All you need is a Google Account.

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Google does not allow anonymous reviews, which means that some of your personal information will be made available to the public. This information includes your name and profile picture, other reviews, photos and videos you have left, and the location information of these reviews.

This means, of course, that users can see your name, along with all the sites you have checked. If you are interested in this, you should be careful about the reviews you leave and the language you use when leaving reviews.

To leave a Google review via PC Mac or Windows 10, open the browser of your choice, visit site Google Maps and sign in to your account if you have not already done so.

Then enter the name or address of the site you want to search in the search box in the upper left corner of the browser. Click the search icon or the result that appears below the search box to select the location. Alternatively, you can simply click on the location on the map.

The window displaying the information of the selected location will appear on the left side of the browser window. Go to the section "Review summary”And click on“Write a review".

A pop-up window will appear. Here you can write your review. First, choose the number of stars you want to give, with one star being the worst and five stars being the best.

Then you can offer details about what you liked or did not like about the business. If you chose one or two stars, you will see some options to choose from that you did not like about the business. If you selected three stars, no selection will be displayed. If you chose four or five stars, you can choose what you liked about the business.

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After that, you can enter a review. Criticism can be as big or small as you want, as Google does not specify a number of words for Google Criticism. If you have some business photos that you want to share, you can click the camera icon box to add them to your local computer or Google Photos.

When you are satisfied with the review, click on “Publication".

A message thanking you for your review will appear. Click on "End".

To leave a Google Review on your mobile phone, you must have Google Maps for iPhone, iPad, or Android.

In the Google Maps app, tap the search bar at the top of the screen and enter the name or address of the location you want to check. Alternatively, you can tap the location on the map.

Once the location is selected, a window will appear at the bottom of the screen showing some of the basic location information. Click where the site name appears.

The window will expand. Click the "Tab"Κριτικές".

In unit "Rating and review", Click the rating with stars you want to leave.

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Once you have selected the star rating, you will have the option to write a review. Tap the text box and enter the content of your review. If you have photos on your phone that you want to add, press the “Add photos”To open the photo album on your phone and select the photos. When you are satisfied with the content of the review, click “Publication".

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