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Cloud Computing: What is it & how does it benefit businesses?

Cloud Computing: What is it & how does it benefit businesses? One of the biggest trends in recent years in the field of technology, is the so-called cloud computing, also known as cloud computing.

But what is this new useful service and why is it increasingly accepted?

Cloud Computing Businesses

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First we need to understand the name of cloud computing. When the Internet was first created, the word "cloud»Was used to describe how complex telephone networks are connected.

Cloud is a computer model that includes servers, networks, storage, development tools, and even Internet applications.

Instead of organizations making significant investments in equipment purchases, staff training, and ongoing maintenance, some or all of these needs are met by a cloud service provider.

Essentially cloud computing, is the provision of on-demand IT services, from applications to storage and processing power, usually based on the method pay-as-you-go.

One advantage of using cloud computing services is that companies can avoid the initial cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure.

Instead, they just pay for what they use when they use it.

In turn, cloud computing service providers can benefit from significant economies of scale by providing the same services to a wide range of customers. Cloud computing services cover a wide range of options now, from basic storage, networking and processing power to natural language processing and artificial intelligence, as well as standard office applications.

There are five key features of a cloud computing environment as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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Internet access

With a public cloud environment, users "connect" data and applications through an Internet connection, accessing them anytime, anywhere.

Measurable service

Cloud is a service pay-as-you-go, where you only pay for what you use.

Think about how a utility company measures how much water, electricity or gas is used and charged based on consumption.

The cloud works the same way.

On-demand self-service

Services can be requested and provided quickly, without the need for manual setup and configuration.

Resource sharing

The Cloud often uses the multi-lease model. This means that a single application is notified to multiple users. Thus, instead of creating a copy of the application for each user, several users or "tenants" can customize the application to their specific needs.


Cloud platforms are resilient. An organization can escalate its resource usage levels quickly and easily as needs change.

Cloud Computing: What is it & how does it benefit businesses?

It is not just businesses that benefit from cloud computing.

The cloud has transformed our lives on an individual level.

Many of us use cloud services every day when updating our social media status or checking our bank accounts.

We probably use applications hosted by cloud services even when we do not know it.

These applications are accessible via an Internet connection and not installed on our hard drives or devices.

Cloud computing can be developed in different ways, depending on the services a business needs.

The first thing to consider is the growth model, which is distinguished in public cloud, private clouds, Hybrid Cloud and multi cloud. The next item is the service category, which is divided into Exits (Software as a Service), Paas (Platform as a Service) and Iaas (Infrastructure as a service).

The exact benefits of cloud computing vary depending on the type of cloud service used, but essentially using cloud services means that companies do not have to buy or maintain their own computing infrastructure.

No need for servers, updating applications or operating systems, or decommissioning and discarding hardware or software when it is out of date, as everything is taken care of by the vendor.

Cloud Computing Businesses: How Does It Help Develop?

For basic product applications, such as email, it makes sense to switch to a cloud provider, rather than relying on in-house skills.

A company that specializes in mode and providing these services is likely to have better skills and more experienced staff than a small business.

Therefore cloud services may be able to provide a more secure and efficient service to end users.

Using cloud services means that companies can move faster on projects and try out concepts without long-term commissions and high initial costs, because companies only pay for the resources they consume.

The ability to create new services without the time and effort associated with traditional IT procurement means that it is easier to get started with new applications faster.

And if a new application proves to be extremely popular, the resilient nature of the cloud means it's easier to scale.

For an application company that has high usage peaks, for example used only at a specific time of the week or year, it can have a financial benefit.

Switching to a cloud-hosted application for services such as email or CRM could eliminate the burden of internal IT staff, and if such applications do not generate a very competitive advantage, there will be little impact.

Switching to a service model also shifts costs from capex to opex, which can be useful for some companies.

Cloud Computing Businesses: How Does It Help Develop?

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Cloud computing is not necessarily cheaper than other forms of computing, just as renting is not always cheaper than buying.

If an application has a regular and predictable demand for computer services, it may be more economical to provide that service internally.

Some companies may be reluctant to host sensitive data on a service that is also used by competitors.

While it may be easy to get started with a new cloud application, migrating existing data or applications to the cloud can be much more complicated and expensive. And of course, you can only access your apps if you have an internet connection.

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