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Android security: 4 easy ways to protect your Android smartphone

Most people are concerned about the security of their computers. But how much importance is given to security of an Android smartphone;

Android security

Nowadays, most people, regardless of their age, use a smartphone. In fact, smartphones are used for almost anything: calling or sending a message to a friend, checking social media accounts, viewing videos and photos, using for business purposes, paying bills, etc. The most popular operating system for smartphones is AndroidHowever, this does not mean that it provides the greatest security.

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Cybercriminals often discover new ways to infiltrate Android phones and steal confidential information and other data. Smartphones have been at the center of malware lately.

Hackers use Phishing and vishing regular as well malicious applications to infect Android smartphones with malware (ransomware, spyware, Trojans, etc.).

Let's look at four simple ways to protect an Android smartphone:

Avoid public hotspots

Η connection to public Wi-Fi, which allows free internet access, always tempts us. But in reality, not a good idea for the security of your Android smartphone. The use of a public hotspot should be avoided. Cybercriminals often target public hotspots in order to hack more people's devices.

Avoiding access to banking and other financially related applications does not help if you are connected to public Wi-Fi. Attackers can steal personal information through your internet browsing, personal chats, photos or social media.

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So do not be tempted to connect to a public Wi-Fi network just because it is free. The security of your data is definitely more important!

Use two-factor authentication

The herself Google offers the possibility authentication of two factors, to protect Google services. You can enable this service by logging in to your Google account and checking your authentication settings in two steps.

Two-factor authentication offers extra protection, as breaking passwords (which is very easy for hackers) is not enough to gain access to accounts.

Android VPN

Installing a VPN

Using one VPN can significantly enhance the security of your Android smartphone. Installing a VPN will allow you to hide your real IP address. This way, your attackers or even your ISP will not be able to save your browsing history and track your activity. With one VPN, you can do many more things on your Android smartphone without worrying about the various threats.

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Use reliable antivirus at Android smartphone

Most smartphones already come with built-in security, however the use of one reliable antivirus it is always a good idea to enhance security. A good antivirus program can protect your passwords, detect and get rid of malware, block spam messages, fix potential errors, and more.

As the capabilities of smartphones grow and evolve, security is becoming an increasing concern. The above protection methods may be simple but they are just as effective in protecting your Android smartphone!

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