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Amazon Alexa: Change settings and avoid unknown charges

It may be convenient to ask Alexa to place orders from Amazon for you, but this feature may leave you vulnerable to orders placed by others. Fortunately, there are settings that Amazon Echo users can change so that reckless friends and family do not charge you for amounts you do not know.

Amazon Alexa

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Voice ordering from Alexa works if you use the 1-click option on your Amazon account. It lets you say things like "Alexa, buy some towels" and you can use your voice to look for the right ones.

Alexa will give you options and when you find one you like, you just have to say yes and your order will be placed.

You will also be sent an email to confirm the order, but you will have to be very quick if you want to cancel it.

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Problems can arise when Alexa takes orders from children, friends who try to make fun of you or even TV commercials.

To stop any unwanted orders, go to the Alexa app and click the "More" button.

Go to "Settings", then "Account settings" and then click on "Voice Purchasing".

You will be given the option to deactivate the voice order or you can select the "voice code" option.

"Voice code" means that you have to say a specific code every time you want to do something order.

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To avoid further problems, you need to keep this code to yourself and of course remember it from the outside.

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