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Amazon: Why do parents of children named "Alexa" get along with the company?

Parents whose children have the name "Alexa", blame the e-commerce giant, Amazon, for the fact that their children suffer bullying, due to their synonymy with digital assistant the company's. Parents say that as soon as the jokes about the name Alexa start, they never stop. Some, in fact, have changed the name of their child, for this very reason. So parents are calling on Amazon to change the default alarm word for its devices to a "non-human" name.

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Amazon, for its part, says that sorry for these categories, while at the same time pointing out that they exist alternative words of awakening. He also said that the reason he chose a human name is for them for the purposes of ease of use and friendliness to the average user. This has caused numerous vicious jokes to people who have the name "Alexa", as they are often given the corresponding command, as would happen to a digital assistant.

Amazon - parents of children "Alexa"
Amazon: Why do parents of children named "Alexa" get along with the company?

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According to the BBC, only in the United Kingdom there are more than 4.000 people under the age of 25 under the name "Alexa". Many parents report that their children face similar bullying problems, both at school and in other public places.

The answer of the technology giant is that had no intention of causing such problems. However, it should be noted that the name "Alexa" is not the only one given to a digital assistant and is also used by humans. Name "Siri", respectively, is an abbreviation of Sigrid, a name used in Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

Amazon parents of children named "Alexa"
Amazon: Why do parents of children named "Alexa" get along with the company?

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The word "Alexa" has become more and more popular in recent years, as most homes use smart voice speakers. The Echo and the Echo Dot Amazon uses Alexa as a command, which you say before instructing it or before asking a question.

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