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Twitter: The use of security keys is allowed as the only 2FA method

Twitter now allows users to use security keys as the only two-factor authentication (2FA) method, while disabling all other login methods, the social network announced three months ago in March.

Twitter 2FA

2FA is an additional level of security for Twitter accounts that requires users to use a security key or enter a password along with passwords to log in to their accounts.

This ensures that only the account holder can log in and block malicious attempts to break into the account by using stolen credentials or resetting the password.

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The option is available in mobile applications and on the web

Starting this week, the company allows users to switch to 2FAs powered only by security keys on both the web and mobile applications.

This change meets the needs of those who do not want to use third-party authentication applications or share their phone numbers to enable this security feature on their accounts.

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Better protection against SIM-swapping attacks

Twitter first added security keys as one of the many 2FA methods on the web in 2018 and supported the use of security keys when connecting to mobile applications for 2FA-enabled accounts in December 2020.

The company also upgraded security key support to WebAuthn, which provides secure online authentication and allowed 2FA to be used on any Twitter account without a phone number.

As mentioned earlier, Twitter has added support for using multiple security keys on 2FA-enabled accounts to securely log in and prevent hacking attempts after phishing attacks.

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While some high-profile Twitter accounts were successfully breached last year, even though they had 2FA enabled after intruders gained access to internal administrator systems, you should switch to 2FA to protect yourself from less sophisticated intrusion attempts.

To enable 2FA on your Twitter account, you need to go to your profile menu in Settings and Privacy, then Security and account access (on the desktop) or Account> Security (on iOS) and enable the Two-factor authentication option.

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