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Google Play Store: Developer verification enhanced to prevent scams

Η Google working on improving the integrity of the Play Store, by adding new restrictions and safeguards to developer accounts. Specifically, the technology giant announced that the developers of the Google Play Store should soon verify the address emails and their telephone number and provide additional information, such as a physical address, in an effort to safety and ensure that accounts are created by "real people". Developers should also use two-step verification.

The company said it was making these changes to keep Google Play safe, but also to better serve the developer community and to ensure that each account is created by a real person with real contact information.

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Google Play Store - verification of developers scams
Google Play Store: Developer verification enhanced to prevent scams

As he says "The Record", the announcement coincides with the emergence of a cottage sales industry that will create large volumes of developer accounts for use by others, for upload malware and other unwanted applications to the Play Store. "The Record" shared a screenshot of a post posted on a hacking forum, which shows that these accounts sell for $ 89 each.

At the same time, the two-step verification requirement will make it difficult for malicious agents to enter and steal legitimate developer accounts. It also reflects a similar change announced by regular Google search giant earlier this year, which will now allow two-factor authentication (2FA) by default.

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The changes are significant compared to current Google developer account policies that only require new registrations to provide an email address and phone number. Information such as a physical address "will not be public", the company says, and is intended solely to "help us verify your identity and contact you".

Google Play Store - verification of developers scams
Google Play Store: Developer verification enhanced to prevent scams

Google is gradually introducing new requirements. He said that, from today, account holders will have the option to nominate him their personal or professional account type, and to verify their contact details. In addition, the August, all new registrations should follow these same steps when creating their accounts and use two-step verification. Later this year, the changes will be fully applied to all existing accounts.

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The changes come amid a wider effort to crack down on scammy apps in the Play Store, which will prevent developers from using "cheap" tactics in their listings to encourage users to install applications. Application entries will no longer be able to use impressive features such as all-caps or emoji in their titles or include phrases such as "Download Now".

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