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Windows 11: Microsoft must prove that it is more than just Windows 10.5

Η Microsoft products will present the Windows 11, its next major operating system. While Windows 11 leak gave a taste of some of the changes in design, the expectations for today's event are even bigger. A new Start menu, rounded corners and a general user interface (UI) review have been expected for months, but the company should show some big changes in Windows 11 to prove that these are more than just Windows 10.

Much of what we have seen so far was already planned for Windows 10X, a version of Windows originally intended to be available with dual-screen devices. Windows 10X included a new Start menu that worked more like a taskbar-focused startup. Windows 10X also showed many user interface simplifications and general usability improvements of Windows.

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Windows 11 Microsoft
Windows 11: Microsoft must prove that it is more than just Windows 10.5

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft quickly sought to reprocess Windows 10X for laptops to offer a simplified version of its operating system for devices they suddenly had high demand during the remote work and distance learning. However, Windows 10X's attempt to simplify Windows and the company's application model did not bear fruit. According to reports, the technology giant has been trying to achieve acceptable levels of application compatibility with 10X in recent years, as it initially planned to run each application in a special container to improve the security and performance of devices running the new operating system.

The container would be one significant change in Windows, especially for developers, while there is no indication in the Windows 11 leak that Microsoft plans to implement containers, at least not soon. Instead, Windows 11 appears to adopt most of the user interface changes that were part of Windows 10X. The Windows 11 leak also shows some changes in multitasking, improved multi - screen support and some possible performance improvements - especially for PC gaming.

The most important change that will come with Windows 11, could be the Microsoft approach to applications which allows the Windows Store. The leak of Windows 11 does not include the new store, however Microsoft intends to open its store in every Windows app. This means that Chrome, Adobe Creative Suite, and many other non-Windows Store apps will suddenly be available.

Which is perhaps even more important is that Microsoft allows developers to bypass its payment system for store apps. This means that developers do not have to cut revenue for in-app purchases if they choose to use their own payment systems. This would be a big change that would put even more pressure on Apple's App Store, as Microsoft helped Epic Games claim that iPhones, like computers, are general-purpose devices.

Windows 11 Microsoft
Windows 11: Microsoft must prove that it is more than just Windows 10.5

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Beyond the store, the public hopes that Microsoft will differentiate Windows 11 from Windows 10, focusing on everyday users of the operating system. Productivity is an important part of this, as it makes Windows easier and more reliable for the millions of people who use it every day to study and work.

In the leak of Windows 11 there are also indications that some multitasking improvements may come. A new control appears on the maximization buttons in Windows 11 that allows you to quickly snap apps into place. However, these snap features have been around for years in Windows, so the public expects to see even more changes to help Windows users improve their daily workflow.

Windows 11 Microsoft
Windows 11: Microsoft must prove that it is more than just Windows 10.5

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In addition to productivity, Windows is also used for PC Gaming. A bigger effort by the company to make Windows 11 better for gaming would greatly please the millions of people who use computers instead of game consoles.

The public also hopes that Microsoft will improve Game Mode in Windows 11. The mysterious feature simply optimizes your computer for gaming, but the truth is that it does very little. When you run a game with Game Mode enabled, this prevents Windows Update from installing drivers or trying to restart your computer, while mysteriously helping to get a more consistent frame rate depending on your game and system.

What the public expects is that Microsoft has some surprises in store for Windows 11 that prove to be more than just Windows 10.5.

Source of information: theverge.com

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