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Lego presents its new bricks from recycled bottles

The Lego Group has just taken the first big step towards making toys from recyclable materials, with her new bricks from recycled bottles.

Lego bricks

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Lego's goal lately is one: to build everything products from sustainable sources by 2030. And now it has taken a big step in that direction, with the presentation of its original recycled plastic bricks. They look like normal Lego bricks, like any other, but their content is special.

"The new prototype, which uses PET plastic from recycled bottles, is the first brick made from recycled material that meets the company's strict quality and safety requirements.", The Lego Group reported to statement of.

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Recycled plastic brick has been in development for several years. The company said it has tested more than 250 variations on PET plastic. "PET" means polyethylene terephthalate, a type of plastic commonly used in bottles and food containers. The composition of Lego includes enhanced additives.

Lego bricks

These original bricks are a milestone, but they are not yet ready to be released to the general public. Lego said it would take "some time" before the bricks appeared as products. The pieces with ability clicks will pass at least one year of testing.

The Lego Group is already committed to testing recyclable paper bags in place of disposable plastics to store the bricks in them. It also produces softer kit components, such as trees and plants, from cane-derived plastic.

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While the materials may be innovative, future Lego bricks made from recycled plastic will not stand out from the durable old-fashioned bricks. So we still have to be careful not to press them!

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