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Tech industry: Why are executives looking for new jobs?

A new study by Qualtrics, predicts that in the next 12 months significant changes will take place in the labor sector. The changes concern ordinary employees but mainly managers, directors and executives, in particular in the tech industry, looking for new ones jobs.

Tech industry jobs

According to the survey, more than 50% of executives and 53% of managers and directors said they plan to look for a new job next year.

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When asked why they made this decision, most answered that two important reasons are stress and burnout. These two are forcing them to give up their current roles. On the other hand, there were those who claimed that they wanted to change jobs because they are looking for new growth opportunities. More than 63% of respondents said they were not given networking opportunities and 60% said they did not receive any training and were not given the opportunity for further development last year.

This was especially felt on Women who responded to the survey. Qualtrics researchers found that 72% of women said they were not given opportunities for guidance or networking during the pandemic (the corresponding figure for men was 55%).

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Also, several of the managers, directors, executives and employees stated that they are looking for new jobs, because they prefer to have one variety. The Millennial and Gen Z respondents were more likely to want this in relation to themselves Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Tech industry: Why are executives looking for new jobs?

The industry that will see the most changes in the near future is technology, where 52% of all employees said they wanted to change jobs next year. Workers in the so-called "tech industry" told researchers they wanted to work in a company with more strong leadership and higher wages.

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Tech industry jobs

In the survey, more than half of those with a bachelor's degree or higher said they were looking for new jobs. The percentage was lower for those with simpler degrees or less specialization. About 60% of respondents Gen Z and Millennial said they planned to change positions. Most of these people worked in her industry technology, travel agencies, hospitality services and food companies.

According to Julia Anas, head of Qualtrics, when employees are looking for a new job, what they are most interested in are: benefits / privileges (59%), the objective of the task (52%), flexibility (50%).

Source: ZDNet

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