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Microsoft: Answers honestly about its new game

Recently, Microsoft released an announcement about a new game.  

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This is a game called The Outer Worlds 2. Those who are excited by the idea that the game will be released in 2021, look forward to learning about its content.

Microsoft, however, wanted to be very honest about how far behind the development of this game really is.

So one was released trailer, which does not contain special details, but is full of self-abusive precision.

The presentation starts like all game trailers, with one voice. "We start by hearing a wise voice and we see a quiet and peaceful environment. This will make our game look big and important."

We already know that this game will be big and important. The point is, Microsoft is not far behind.

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The ad slowly shows a guy shooting, as the game will include a lot of shots. The voice thinks: “These slow motion shots make everything look great and will definitely enhance the numbers before the sale."

The ad keeps the intensity alive: “We see our hero, but only his silhouette because the developers have not completed the design. Nor have they finished the story. Not even any part of the game that is really ready to be shown."

As the company honestly stated: “In fact, the only thing they have finished is the title."

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Definitely many of them Gamers looking forward to the game would like to pre-order it. The tactic followed by company, by presenting some of the features that the game will have, is definitely very efficient, as this has definitely piqued the interest of gamers. And certainly the honesty of the company helps in this direction.

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