HomesecurityWhy is it important to enhance diversity in cybersecurity?

Why is it important to enhance diversity in cybersecurity?

Η enhancing diversity in cybersecurity by doing more to get hired people from different backgrounds, can contribute significantly to improving cyber defense for all, because it will allow IT teams to think of concepts and attack techniques they may not have considered in the past, as well as to develop the appropriate defense against them.

According to his report NCSC on diversity, over 85% of cybersecurity professionals are whites, while a percentage less than 15% covered by colored, Asian or mixed.

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The 2/3 of the industry of cybersecurity is men and 31% womenWhile over 84% of the respondents are identified as straight and 10% as a LGBT. It is observed that diversity is gradually increasing.

diversity cybersecurity
Why is it important to enhance diversity in cybersecurity?

Adopting a rational diversity not only helps the cybersecurity industry to better reflects the population, but can bring to the table different ways of thinking and different skills, while it could also help IT teams gain a better idea and insight into how hacking "Companies" against which they are trying to defend themselves.

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Christine Izuakor, founder and CEO of Cyber ​​Pop-up, noted the following: "It simply came to our notice then attacks, do not look like each other. They come from so many different backgrounds, from so many different parts of the world. You can not defend against it, having a one-sided thinking - you need different perspectives and ways of thinking. "People who defend themselves against these attacks should look like the people who are attacking, so a business should be made up of people from different backgrounds."

diversity cybersecurity
Why is it important to enhance diversity in cybersecurity?

Η enhancing diversity in IT teams should, therefore, be main goal for industry organizations because it can help protection of people and businesses from a wider range of cyber-threats.

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Izuakor added the following: "I really believe that we can not adequately defend ourselves against attacks or develop the solutions and methods and things we need, if we follow a path - we must be different in space, otherwise we will fail. It is important to recognize that people have different ways of learning and different paths in cybersecurity - some may acquire skills from universities or IT certifications, others may acquire skills through online courses, some may even be self-taught. "There should be no problem with that, as long as the job is done properly, we defend ourselves against these attacks and we are as safe as possible."

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