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Apple: Apple Watch Edition Series 5 with black ceramic finish will be released

Η Apple is considering offering a black version of the Apple Watch Edition Series 5 ceramic.

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Apple Watch Edition

The images, shared on Twitter by the collector "Mr. White, Which often makes similar leaks, show an original black Apple Watch ceramic case, alongside the white ceramic version.

The ceramic Apple Watch Edition Series 5 has never been available in black and is only available in a striking glossy white finish. Apple has released the ceramic white Apple Watch Edition as a high-end option, starting at $ 1.249, due to its extremely unique finish.

At the time, Apple said the ceramic case was as strong, light and scratch-resistant as four times the stainless steel finish, and said it also had a "pearly, shiny finish" that was extremely scratch- and stain-resistant.

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Apple Watch Edition

The process of creating the case of the Apple Watch Edition, begins with a high-strength zirconia powder combined with aluminum oxide, to achieve its rich, white color. Each casing is then shaped, compressed, and polished using diamond, which results in an extremely smooth surface and an exceptional shine. With this precise level of construction, every Apple Watch Edition case takes days to make.

The black ceramic finish seen on pictures, is very similar to the Space Black Apple Watch made of stainless steel and while it is slightly lighter, we can assume that the similarity of the finishes could be the reason why Apple never went ahead with the black ceramic case.

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Apple introduced a ceramic Apple Watch Edition with the 2 Series, which continued to offer a gray ceramic option with the 3 Series. While there was no ceramic Apple Watch Edition for the 4 Series models, Apple revived the high quality white ceramic model for the Series 5. With the latest Apple Watch Series 6, there is no ceramic version.

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