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"Strawberry Full Moon": See the last supermoon of 2021

On June 24 we have the next and last supermoon or otherwise supermoon for 2021. This is a supermoon also known as "Strawberry Full Moon". It is very rare to have three supermoones in a year, let alone in three consecutive months, as happened this year, making 2021 an astronomically unique year. The supermoon will rise at 21:12 on June 24 and it will reach its largest size - that is closer to Earth - at 21:41 (will be 6.4% higher).

The full moon of June is sometimes called "Moon of Strawberry ", according to the American magazine Farmer's almanac, which states that the nickname is associated with strawberries that ripen in some parts of North America and is not related to the color of the moon.


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"Strawberry Full Moon" last supermoon 2021
"Strawberry Full Moon": See the last supermoon of 2021

More generally, the term "supermoon" is used to describe a full moon that is closest to Earth or close to the elliptical orbit around the planet. A supermoon may look slightly larger and brighter than a normal full moon.


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"For 2021, some publications state that we had four full moons from March to June. Still others report that we had three - from April to June - and another two full moons in April and one supermoon in May. ", said its executive program director NASA, Gordon Johnston, in April.

"Strawberry Full Moon" last supermoon 2021
"Strawberry Full Moon": See the last supermoon of 2021

Start preparing the download or downloads you will make now. You can also tune in to livestream of the Virtual Telescope Project to Watch the Supermoon Over Rome |

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If you want to find the time when the moon will rise in different countries, all you have to do is visit the site timeanddate.com.

To enjoy this spectacular phenomenon even more, grab a telescope or binoculars, so that you have an even closer and clearer picture of the full moon.

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