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Employers request a return to the office under the pretext of security

The gradual return to normalcy has begun and as a result, many people are returning to work. Some employers even want this to be done quickly, saying that office offers greater security.

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In the last 18 months or so, there has been a massive shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This working condition seems to be liked by a large portion of workers, who would like to continue working remotely, even a few times a week.

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However, some businesses, including large technology companies, have begun to are asking officials to return to the offices, now that measures for COVID-19 have been relaxed.

Returning to work will allow for better co-operation between employees, but one excuse employers can use to expedite return is that the office provides greater security. During the pandemic, the cyberattacks have increased significantly and affected entire organisms.

A company survey Tessian reported to TechCrunch, shows that while none of the attacks were linked to staff working remotely, 56% of IT teams believe that their employees have not taken enough action security. Similarly, 70% of IT leaders believe that staff are more likely to follow the company's security policies regarding data protection when in the office.

"I believe that many organizations will use security as an excuse to bring people back to the office, and in this way they are really unaware of the cyber threats to which they are already exposed.", he says Matthew Gribben, security expert and former GCHQ consultant.

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"As we saw with the Colonial Pipeline attack, all you need is a user account with no activation MFA to ruin your business, no matter where the user is".

Ο Will Emmerson, Claromentis' CIO, has already seen companies using cybersecurity as a ploy to speed up office returns.

Larger companies are trying to return to traditional office work (9 to 5), but many small companies seem to be embracing remote work and implementing it even after the pandemic is over.

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"Although I believe that some companies will use the increase in cyber security threats to require their employees to return to the office, I think the size and type of company will determine their approachSays Craig Hattersley, CTO of SOC.OC. "Lack of direct monitoring of people by senior management could lead to fears that staff are not fully controlled".


However, many believe that the traditional office is not completely safe, as many employers claim. Many companies have taken remote security measures in the last year, and recent investigative reports have shown that hackers have begun to focus again on those returning to the office after COVID-19.

"There is no guarantee that the course of complex cyber attacks will change based on where a person is or that employees will reduce their mistakes because they are sitting in an office", Says the Dr. Margaret Cunningham, lead researcher at Forcepoint.

Some companies will try to bring all the staff back to the workplace, but many employees do not want that. In fact, a recent study shows that almost 40% of employees in the US will consider quitting their job if their employer forces them to return to work permanently.

Source: TechCrunch

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