HomerapidshareWindows 11 leak: See what the new operating system brings!

Windows 11 leak: See what the new operating system brings!

Η Microsoft products had said that he would officially announce the next version of Windows on 24 June. It was only a matter of time before the leaks started. Yesterday, the first took place, which allowed us to get a taste of the new operating system, Windows 11.

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Microsoft Windows 11 operating system

Microsoft has made several changes, but in fact Windows 11 is based on Windows 10X, a version that will eventually not be released. In any case, users will not have difficulty getting acquainted with the new operating system.

The different versions of Windows 11 are the same as those of Windows 10, including Home, Pro, Enterprise and others.

The first change one can notice is one new Windows logo. This change may be due to a general effort by the company to make its products appear more Microsoft-branded instead of Windows-branded.

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Microsoft Windows 11

Another change, part of the redesign, is the rounded corners of the menu and the various icons.

But let's look at more details. The menu "Inception”Is different from that of Windows 10. The taskbar is now in the center, which is quite reminiscent of what we saw for Windows 10X.

Windows operating system

In addition, the Windows Search appears quite differently in the new operating system. Leaked images show that users will be able to filter results by applications, documents, settings and more.

Windows operating system

As for the File Explorer, the icons look different than Windows 10, but have already appeared in a preview.

The Microsoft Edge does not show any change. In fact, everything related to applications does not make much difference in Windows 11, as they are not directly connected to the operating system.

Microsoft products

Also, the Settings they do not appear to have changed, despite previous leaks. However, it is possible that some update will be made by Microsoft in this regard. The same goes for other inbox apps.

For now, the basic Settings look the same, but the company has added some new ones. For example, there are many customization options for the taskbar, including its alignment option.

Windows operating system

The Virtual desktops in Windows 11 are in the same place, but there is a new one stock wallpaper.

An icon with the name has been added to the taskbar Widgets. This is exactly the same as macOS and is supposed to replace Live Tiles. Live Tiles was something like a widget and a shortcut at the same time. Now, these things are segregated as in other operating systems. Widgets appear differently in light and dark modes.

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At first glance, the keyboard in Windows 11 it looks the same, but there is a bar above it, which you can open to import GIFs, emoji, etc.

Additionally, you can unlock things like Task View and Windows Search from the taskbar. This means that you will not have to hide them anymore.

Another new item is the ability to define different split options directly from the maximize button in any application. You can select split view or display three or four apps on the screen at the same time.

This information is currently leaked. Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 11, will be released later this year, but in a week we will learn more from the official presentation of the company.

Source: XDA Developers

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