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Amazon: Just Walk Out technology in a full-size store

Amazon plans to open its first full-size Fresh grocery store using technology Just walk out in the US on June 17.

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The e-commerce giant has introduced technology as part of its stores Amazon Go, a few years ago. As its name implies, it allows customers to enter a store, fill their baskets with products and leave without having to go through a checkout to pay.

Amazon says the new store at The Marketplace at the Bellevue Factory in Washington, D.C., was the first to create the shopping option using both Just Walk Out technology and traditional payment methods at a full-size grocery store. However, the company opened a Fresh store in United Kingdom with this technology in March, which became the first retail store with Just Walk Out outside the US.

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Amazon has also licensed the platform to other retailers, including airport stores, where customers can buy food and beverages without having to interact with a cashier. It is worth noting that the company opened another large store in California last year, but that it uses Amazon Dash Cart technology that allows customers to skip the checkout if they only buy two shopping bags.

Just Walk Out amazon

At the Washington Store, shoppers will be able to walk through the gates of Just Walk Out by scanning a QR code in the Amazon app, using Amazon One to scan their palm, or inserting a credit or debit card associated with account on Amazon. Once inside, they can shop as usual: Any product they receive from the shelves is added to their virtual cart and any items they put back will be removed. They do not have to go through a checkout to leave, but they do have to delete the QR code or its palm again or re-insert their credit card at the exit.

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Whether other Amazon Fresh stores will also have the Just Walk Out feature in the future is not yet known. In its announcement, the company states that it is “eexcited to see how customers enjoy the Just Walk Out shopping experience at the Amazon Fresh store in Bellevue".

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