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Android Auto users complain about Google Maps

One of the key features of integrating Google Maps into Android Auto is auto-start, which basically means that the navigation map can start automatically when you connect your phone to the host.

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In theory, this is something that should be very convenient if you have used Google Maps before disabling Android Auto, but on the other hand, not everyone seems to be a fan of this application.

And the living proof is a series of posts on Google forums where users ask the giant company to disable this approach, claiming that the company just wants to impose Google Maps on them when, in fact, they do not want to use it. navigation application.

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Some of those who do not want the automatic launch of Google Maps on Android Auto have implemented some extreme solutions after disabling the application on their smartphones. This obviously means they can no longer use Google Maps on their phone, but most are willing to make that compromise in exchange for a cleaner start of Android Auto.

A member of the Android Auto team revealed on Google forums that this is "the intended behavior of Android Auto", but the company is already aware of the users' request. "We will make an announcement when the requested feature is implemented," they added, suggesting that sooner or later Google could end up automatically launching Google Maps if that is what users really want.

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While there are ways to prevent Google Maps from starting automatically on Android Auto, many users claim that it should be excluded by default because the navigation application affects its lifespan. battery of phones their.

It remains to be seen if Google intends to change anything about how Google Maps launches on Android Auto, but for now, the good news is that the company already knows user feedback.

Source of information: autoevolution.com

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