HomesecurityNATO: Repeated cyberattacks equate to armed attacks

NATO: Repeated cyberattacks equate to armed attacks

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and a military alliance of 30 countries between North America and Europe issued a new statement at this week's Brussels summit outlining the proper methods of responding to national security threats. One of these is cyber attacks, as identified by The Register.

NATO cyber attacks

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The new policy is the result of high-profile attacks on the US fuel distribution network Colonial Pipeline, which led to the ransom payment of $ 4 million to cybercriminals, half of which was later confiscated by the FBI. JBS also paid $ 11 million for a ransomware attack.

The tech world has been hit hard by other major attacks, including that of SolarWinds, which has put top cyber security companies at risk and been blamed on the Russian government. And some time ago, Russia was blamed for the NotPetya ransomware outbreak, while North Korea was blamed for the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017.

Following such attacks, NATO approved the "Complete Cyber ​​Defense Policy", Which will see the alliance face cyber attacks"as the case may beAnd can consider them the same as an armed attack.

«To meet this evolving challenge, we today adopted the integrated NATO cyber defense policy, which will support NATO's three core tasks and overall deterrence and defense stance and further strengthen our resilience.", States the announcement.

The NATO alliance is committed to "imposes sanctions on those who harm us», If deemed necessary. However, the policy of Western governments is mostly limited to naming and shaming the country from which these attacks begin.

Ο Joe Biden attended its first NATO meeting as US president and is due to meet with the Russian president Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Biden is expected to urge Russia to do more to tackle cybercrime within its jurisdiction. The attack on Colonial was attributed to a Russian ransomware-as-a-service company.

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China was also at the forefront of the NATO summit on cyber capabilities, disinformation campaigns and the expansion of power around the world.

«China's growing influence and international policies may present challenges we must face together as an alliance", States the announcement.

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