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Ubuntu Pro: Released live on Google Cloud

The company behind the popular Ubuntu distribution, Canonical, has released the Ubuntu Pro platform on Google Cloud.

Ubuntu cloud

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The Ubuntu distribution already exists on Google's cloud computing platform, which has been available to users since 2014. However, Ubuntu Pro is the premium version of the environment, which comes with a set of features and will address developers and business managers.

«The availability of Ubuntu Pro in Google Cloud will provide our corporate customers with the additional security and compliance services required for their critical workload"He said June Yang, VP and GM Compute, in Google Cloud.

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Safety and compliance

Canonical claims that Ubuntu Pro will provide cloud users with a secure and cost-effective environment to power their business applications as well as applications that come into contact with customers.

In addition to providing the standard features of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Pro in Google Cloud offers several additional services that will attract business customers. These include a ten-year commitment, with long-term support for security fixes and fixes.

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During this time, customers will be able to fix their Linux kernels live to improve security without interruption.

The platform is also certified to support operating environments in compliance with regulations such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and ISO. With its release, Ubuntu Pro supports all three major cloud platforms. The environment is available at AWS Amazon and Microsoft Azure for quite some time.

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