HomesecuritySecurity expert warns of Voilà AI Artist application!

Security expert warns of Voilà AI Artist application!

Lately, the selfie app Voila AI Artist has become very popular in iOS and Android users. The app allows people to turn their photos into cartoon versions. Many find it fun, but the security expert Ritesh Kotak told Global News it could be dangerous to the safety of users.


"If you have activated your location when taking the photo, you are actually giving the latitude and longitude, and in some cases even the altitude at which this photo was taken, and this information is downloaded to a server - in this case, on the server that this company manages - and they now have access to this information", Said Kotak.

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The Voilà AI Artist app reports on Privacy Policy that the company retains users' personal information for purposes for which the information may be used lawfully. He also says that he does not keep them for longer than required.

"For any other content, we will satisfy your request for deletion, however, there is a good chance that copies of any personal content will be retained indefinitely on our systems", States the policy.

"In addition, due to the nature of the Internet, copies of your content, including content that you have removed or deleted from your account, may also exist elsewhere on the Internet and may be retained indefinitely.".

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Voila AI Artist

Voilà AI Artist has been used by many people around the world, who have fun creating cartoon versions of themselves and uploading them to social media.

At the moment, there is no indication that this app uses user data for anything else, but Kotak said that people they need to keep in mind that some of their data is being shared and they need to know how to avoid possible breaches and cyber attacks.

"If you are going to use such applications just think smart, do not give them access to your entire photo album. Make sure you have all privacy features enabled. For example, make sure they do not collect your location data".

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The security expert also explained some protection measures he uses: “I like to use separate email addresses always I am using different passwords for different sites, because we have seen sites in these applications violated in the past".

Kotak said that if users take these basic steps, they can use applications such as Voilà AI Artist more securely, although they should always keep in mind "how much data they can see" in an application.

Source: Global News

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