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Is astrology related to cryptocurrencies? Maren Altman says yes

Η Maren Altman is a well-known young woman astrologer, which has gained many fans at TikTok, when the latter found out that Altman had predicted in detail what happened in the 2020 US elections between Biden and Trump.

Altman posts various astrological videos on her social media, many of which focus on policy And them celebrities. It is now a big name in the astrology community. Some of her most interesting videos apply astrology on a particular topic: cryptocurrencies.


According to astrology, anything that has a verifiable date of birth or creation date has a birth chart that can be read to gather prognostic information. This means that There is astrology for relationships, pets, political movements, and even bitcoin.

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"People can learn about astrology through Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, TwitterSaid astrologer Robert Weinstein.

Maren has been interested in astrology since she was a child. As a child, she picked up the newspaper her family bought and looked directly at the daily horoscopes.

In her teenage years, she began to study astrology seriously and during that time she made some money, which she saved to invest in crypto. She then used her astrological skills in TikTok.

In a typical astrological video about cryptocurrencies, Maren Altman reads graph of creating a specific currency and makes predictions for its immediate future.


In early January, Maren read his chart bitcoin, using its creation date, January 3, 2009. "The new Moon in Capricorn, on January 13, looks great for bitcoin", Says Maren Altman in the video. He then says something about the position of Saturn and Mercury and how they will affect bitcoin on January 11, concluding that there will probably be a momentary decline. But with the new moon, and based on the positions of Pluto and Jupiter, Maren found that there would be an ascent again.

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In other words, the position of Saturn and Mercury indicated a decline in the value of bitcoin, but Jupiter and Pluto showed that the price of bitcoin will recover.

The truth is that the price fell on January 11 and went up two days later, while it continued to rise significantly until April.

Although Maren claims that does not offer financial advice in these astrological videos, many users perceive it that way.

In another TikTok video, he suggested that May would be volatile, but could find the currency at an all-time high. In fact, of course, the value of bitcoin has fallen.

As it turns out, the above astrological predictions are basically focused on financial issues. The so-called "financial astrology" has existed for decades in various forms. THE Robert Weinstein became one of the first astrologers to focus on cryptocurrencies- and especially bitcoin. He shares his findings on his site, the Astro Crypto Report and via Twitter, @AstroCryptoGuru.

She was one of the strongest names in cryptocurrency astrology until Maren Altman appeared.

Maren Altman bitcoin

Many people have doubts about astrology and its application to cryptocurrencies. O Fredrick Standfield, its founder Lifewater Wealth Management in Atlanta, he said people are affected by cryptocurrencies because "they see how much money people make," but "they do not see how much money others lose" and at the same time do not understand how it works.

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"When people start to get into it and do not really understand it, I think then they start doing things like astrology, financial pseudoscience, things that are not perfectly compatible with a scientific methodology, for me.Said Standfield.

When a prediction turns out to be true, people tend to believe that astrologers are right. "People tend to interpret information in a way that confirms what they already believe and ignore anything to the contrary, especially when social media is involved.".

Astrology is a controversial field and while there are many proponents, there are those who dispute and reject it, especially in financial matters.

Source: The Washington Post

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