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Apple Watch: Comes faster and with advanced medical sensors

Apple is working on development of new Apple Watch models and to new possibilities for monitoring health indicators, such as screen and speed upgrades, an impressive sports version, but also body temperature and blood sugar sensors.

The tech giant, based in Cupertino, California, aims to radical upgrade of smartwatches of, with the coming Apple Watch Series 7. This new series will include faster processors, improved wireless connectivity and a completely new and improved display. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans for next year, in addition to the renewal of the basic Watch, the launch of a more affordable model which will replace the Apple Watch SE, but also a new version that will target its sports audience.

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

In the next Watch that is expected to be released within 2022, probably one will be added sensor that will measure body temperature. This is a feature about which many rumors were heard, but in the end it was not integrated in the model that was released in late 2020. The infamous sensor for measuring blood sugar, which will help people with diabetes to monitor glucose levels, it may take a few more years before it becomes commercially available.

Measuring body temperature became an essential part of COVID-19 detection, leading to increased demand for devices such as Withings Thermo. Some companies offer small digital thermometers that plug into the charging port of a smartphone.

On the other hand, Blood sugar monitoring has been around for a long time at Apple and will be a feature that so far has not been compared to a similar product of the company's competitors. Apple and other companies currently rely on applications that allow users to manually enter their glucose levels, while medical device companies such as Dexcom Inc, offer screens showing blood sugar levels, which share data with the Apple Watch. Users usually have to pierce their finger to draw blood for an accurate glucose test, but Apple envisions a non-invasive solution that can analyze blood through the skin.

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Apple Watch
Apple Watch: Comes faster and with advanced medical sensors

At the same time, Apple is testing thinner screen margins and a new integration technique that brings the screen closer to the front cover. The new Watch will be slightly thicker than its predecessor, without however being particularly noticeable to users.

In addition, the next Watch will include upgraded interconnection capabilities, while it will most likely incorporate the technology that has been integrated into AirTag, presented by the company recently. Apple had given in WWDC conference, held in early June, a taste of the upcoming WatchOS 8 - an upgrade that will allow the device to unlock the door of a "smart" home or hotel rooms.

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Apple Watch
Apple Watch: Comes faster and with advanced medical sensors

The model of the series, intended for the company's sports audience, is described internally at Apple as "explorer" or "adventure" version, was under development and planned for launch in early 2021. However this did not happen and the model will probably be commercially available in 2022.

The assembly of the basic model of Apple Watch is mainly undertaken by Luxshare Precision Industry, while a smaller part of the production is undertaken by Foxconn. Instead, Foxconn along with also the Taiwanese Compal Electronics undertake the production of the Apple Watch SE.

Since 2015 Apple Watch has become an important part of Apple's product portfolio. With the iPhone and iPad, fills the hardware ecosystem of the company, while also helping the wider category of mobile / home appliances and accessories of Apple, which brought to the company last year over $ 30 billion in revenue.

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