HomesecurityVolkswagen / Audi: Data breach affects 3.3 million customers

Volkswagen / Audi: Data breach affects 3.3 million customers

Volkswagen Audi data breach

Volkswagen and Audi fell victim to data breach.

Volkswagen has revealed an important one infringement data that seems to affects more than 3,3 million customers. Those most affected are vehicle buyers Audi. The people affected are at Canada and United States.

On Friday, the big car company said that some data used for sales and marketing purposes between 2014 and 2019, were left exposed to the internet for some time between August 2019 and May 2021. The company did not give an exact schedule.

It looks like η infringement started by a partner-supplier, whose name has not been published.

Audi and Volkswagen have been warned that "an unauthorized user" may gained access in this information on March 10th.

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According to Volkswagen, the information that may have been compromised is: name, personal addresses and / or mailing addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, vehicle-related data (numbers, make, models, years and colors).

Volkswagen has informed the competent authorities about the incident.

Reuters reports that Most of the exposed data concerns telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. However, around 90.000 Audi customers are most affected, as data such as driving licenses, dates of birth, social security numbers, account or loan numbers and tax registration numbers are said to have been exposed.

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The company said it would offer Free credit monitoring service to all customers affected by this data breach.

The company also warns customers to be careful as well the exposed data can be used for fraud and phishing attacks.

Volkswagen informs all affected customers.

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The automaker says cybersecurity experts (outside the company) are investigating the incident.

"Audi and Volkswagen are working with cyber security experts to assess and respond to the situation and have taken steps to address the issue with the supplier involved.", Say the companies.

Source: ZDNet

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