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How to use the feed in Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft provides OneNote with a feed similar to what you see when you link to one SOCIAL MEDIA application. The feed in OneNote combines notes, displays changes to the page and allows you to add sticky notes in one easy-to-use place.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the OneNote feed:

  • The possibility is available at OneNote for Windows 10, on OneNote desktop, in OneNote for the web and in OneNote for Android.
  • The feed syncs notes related to the same Microsoft account, including OneNote, Samsung Notes and Sticky Notes on all your devices.
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote

Open the feed in OneNote
Fortunately, you can view the feed in OneNote by simply clicking a button. In the upper right-hand corner of the OneNote window or screen, click the icon Open Feed.

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feed Microsoft OneNote
How to use the feed in Microsoft OneNote

This displays the feed window on the right and shows your most recent modifications and additions.

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote

How to use the OneNote feed
While the feed at OneNote is a great place to review your latest items, it offers more than just a quick look at the notes. You can switch between accounts, create and edit Sticky Notes, open a OneNote or Samsung Note page, and browse or filter.

Switch Microsoft accounts
If you have more than one Microsoft account that you use with OneNote, you can easily switch between them in the feed.

At the top of the feed window, click your current account to see a drop-down list of options. Select "Sign Out".

Microsoft OneNote

When the window is refreshed, select the account you want to use at the bottom or click “Add another account” to link to a different Microsoft account.

OneNote feed
OneNote feed

Create or edit a sticky note
It is very easy to add a sticky note to the OneNote feed. Click “Add a note” near the top of the window.

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OneNote feed
OneNote feed

Enter your note and then customize it if you want. Use the three dots at the top right to change the color or toolbar at the bottom to format the font, create a list of dots, or insert an image.

OneNote feed

When you have finished your note, click on the arrow at the top left to return to your feed.

If you want to edit a note you see in your feed, just click on it. This will open on the same screen type as when you created it. After making changes, click on the arrow to return to your feed and your changes will be saved.

Open a OneNote page
You can view recently created or edited OneNote pages in your feed. And that includes pages you've worked on in the OneNote app on other devices or on the web.

Click a block in the OneNote feed to open it. You can also right-click to copy a link there or remove it from your feed.

Open a Samsung Note
If you use Samsung Notes on your mobile, you can sync them with OneNote for viewing on your feed. To open a Samsung Note, simply click on the OneNote feed. When done, click "Back" in the upper left to return to your feed.

OneNote feed

Search and filter your feed
When you need to find a specific item in your feed, you have two options: You can use the appropriate search box at the top or the filter options.
To search, enter a keyword or phrase in the box Search Now. You will see results with the word or phrase highlighted below.

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OneNote feed

To filter, click the Filter icon and select a type from the drop-down list. You can filter by OneNote Pages, Samsung Notes or Sticky Notes. The default option is to display all notes.

OneNote feed

When you are done with your feed, you can close it by clicking the X on the top right or the Open Feed button (to deselect it) in the upper right corner of the window or screen.

If you do a lot of work on OneNote, the feed will be a handy tool for you. You can quickly view recent pages, create new notes, and find everything you need.

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