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Apple is redesigning iCloud Mail for Web

Apple has begun testing a major redesign of the iCloud Mail experience on the web, making the webmail service more compatible with recent design changes made to macOS Big Sur.

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Upon entering the iCloud beta site, users will find an updated version of the Mail web application. The new design looks more like the current Mail application available in iPad and Mac, as it has a cleaner interface with thicker icons.

The previous Mail web app, which remains accessible via the official iCloud website, still has remnants of the iOS 7 interface with extremely thin fonts and icons. Now it seems that Apple is finally bringing a more modern look to the iCloud web, starting with Mail - other iCloud web applications still have the old design even in the beta website.

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Another difference between the old and the new iCloud Mail on the web is the mail composition panel, which now appears in the same window, while the old one brings the composition panel to a separate window.

Here are some screenshots comparing the two versions of the Mail web app:

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Although we do not know when the new iCloud Mail web will be available to everyone, Apple will likely change to the new design later this year with the release of iOS 15 and other updates. If you want to try the new iCloud Mail web application, just sign in to Apple ID at beta.icloud.com.

Source of information: 9to5mac.com

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