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NSW: Those who have committed crimes against animals are not allowed to come back to them

Those who have committed crimes of unimaginable cruelty to animals will be subject to an immediate, lifelong ban on working with animals and owning animals under a new law passed in NSW yesterday.

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The state became the first in Australia to introduce harsh punishment for animal abusers, following a lengthy campaign by Animal Justice MP Emma Hurst.

Individuals previously convicted of excessive cruelty or assault, such as bestiality, were allowed to continue working or raising animals in NSW.

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Under the new laws, anyone convicted of severe animal cruelty or brutality under the 1900 crime law he will automatically not be allowed to be near animals for the rest of his life.

The new legislation shifted NSW from the state with the most flexible animal cruelty laws to the strictest, according to Hurst.

Since launching her campaign for harsher sentences two years ago, Ms. Hurst has said she has seen cases of convicted abusers being allowed to continue breeding, co-operating and buying animals.

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The new law is celebrated online

"We are optimistic that the increased sanctions, along with the provision of a ban on the possession or work of animals for those convicted, will have a significant impact on animal cruelty cases in NSW," he said.

Thousands have celebrated the news online, with people calling the law a huge victory for animals.

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