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New features have been released in Cortana for Outlook on iPhone

Microsoft has released new voice features in Cortana for Outlook that make the application easier to use than a smartphone.

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Cortana is not a big deal for Windows 10, but it is still in the background, powering Microsoft 365 services into applications on platforms such as iOS and Android.

Outlook users with an iPhone or iPad can now rely on Cortana voice capabilities to schedule meetings, search emails, and read a reply to an email.

Outlook users can hold down the Google-like icon with the plus sign in iOS and then tap the microphone icon in "Use Voice" to tell Cortana what to do in Outlook.

Microsoft integrates Outlook for Windows, Mac, Web, and iOS devices Android. The mobile app is based on Acompli technology acquired a few years ago.

Uses AI to help users find the right file, connect with contacts, or manage a calendar. You might ask, for example, "When is the next Teams meeting?"

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Microsoft may not have its own mobile operating system, but features like the one that combine Cortana with Outlook email and calendar functionality show how it can navigate a world without Windows Phone.

"The speed and ease of use of your voice can also be extended to more complex projects, even with people outside your organization," said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president Microsoft 365. Cortana uses information from Microsoft Graph to identify how you work and who you work with.

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Microsoft has extended the dictation feature for Office to iOS, which allows users to dictate a reply to an email or write a new email with their voice. "Outlook uses Microsoft Graph to recognize the names of your colleagues so you can make email more personal," Microsoft said in a blog post.

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