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How to use Newsboat RSS Feed Reader on Linux?

Newsboat is a keyboard and command line-based Feed Reader, and you will find it very useful.

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Newsboat Linux

What is Newsboat RSS Reader?

Newsboat is a TUI (Terminal User Interface) RSS reader that runs on UNIX operating systems such as FreeBSDThe GNU / Linux and MacOS.

Unlike other popular freemium web-based streaming readers, Newsboat is a completely free and open source application. This means you can add as many sources as you want.

If you are currently using another feed reader and want to switch to Newsboat, this app will allow you to integrate other services such as NewsBlur, Tiny Tiny RSS and FeedHQ

Its main features are:

  • Powerful built-in HTML rendering tool
  • Send links and entire articles to third party services using bookmark scripts
  • Filter system based on title, author, content and more
  • Support podcast
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • Flexible label system
  • Import and export using OPML format

How to download and install Newsboat?

Prefabricated Newsboat binaries are already available in the main repository of various Linux distributions:

$ sudo apt install newsboat # Debian and Ubuntu-based distros

$ sudo dnf isntall newsboat # Fedora

$ sudo pacman -S newsboat # Arch Linux

If you can't find the Newsboat binaries for your Linux distribution, you can also install Snap packages from your independent Ubuntu distributor.

$ sudo snap install newsboat

You can also download the Newsboat by first installing its kits and creating the application from the source code.

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Newsboat Linux

How to set up and use Newsboat?

"Once you install Newsboat and try to open it in the terminal, you will find the error." no URLs configured ".

You can not start Newsboat without streamlining, that is, adding at least one source URL to ~ / .newsboat / urls. configuration file.

Add feeds or URLs

To view feeds in the terminal or start Newsboat, you must first create a "~ / .newsboat / urls" configuration file (if you do not have one) and then manually add URLs by opening the file in a word processor.

Import streams using OPML

If you already have an OPML file that contains all the streaming URLs, you can also use it to upload feeds to Newsboat using the command:

$ newsboat -i

Renewal of flows

After adding feeds, you can start by simply typing the newsboat into a terminal and you will see the sources you added to the configuration file.

While you are opening the Newsbot, you may not receive all the latest feeds. In this case, to load new feeds, you can either press "r" focusing on the source URL or just open the Newsboat with "-r".

newsboat –r


You can simply use your keys to browse sources and articles. You can press Enter to select a specific news source and list all of its feeds.

To go down the list, you can either press the down arrow or the "n". And to read an article, you can press and hold Enter. To take a step back, you must press "q".

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Add tags

Adding tags is one way to categorize feeds. So to assign a tag to an RSS feed, you must attach a word that is separated from the URLs by spaces. If the word contains spaces, you can use quotation marks around the tag.

https://www.reddit.com/r/opensource/.rss  “open source”

https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/.rss  linux

http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/world/rss.xml  “world news

You can now open Newsbot with this new configuration and press "t" to display all available tags.

Give the stream a custom name

After you add a feed, it gets a default name. But if you want to change the label name, you must set the label name to ~.

"~ Linux News From Reddit"

Hide flow

If you do not want any feeds to appear in the regular feeds list, you can set the tag name to one!

https://fossbytes.com/tag/linux/feed/ “! Fossbytes”

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