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Facebook: It will launch its first smartwatch with two cameras in 2022

The Facebook plans to release it first smartwatch in the summer of 2022. The device will have screen with two cameras which can be detached from the wrist for taking photos and videos, which can be shared in the entire suite of Facebook applications, including Instagram.

A camera on the front The watch screen will make video calls, while a 1080p autofocus camera on the back can be used to capture video when disconnected - from the stainless steel frame - to the wrist. According to sources, the social media giant is in discussions with other companies, to create accessories for attaching the camera accessory to things like backpacks.

Purpose is to encourage smartwatch owners to use it similarly to smartphones. This is part of the plan of the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to build more consumer devices to compete with Apple and Google, the two dominant mobile platform makers.

Facebook first smartwatch 2022
Facebook: It will launch its first smartwatch with two cameras in 2022

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Facebook's debut in smartwatches opens up another arena of competition with Apple, at a time when the two technology giants are already at odds on other fronts.

Apple has aggressively positioned itself as a protector of privacy, limiting the types of data that applications such as Facebook can collect. This dynamic could create problems for Facebook to persuade people to buy a competing product of the Apple Watch.

The company plans to launch the watch as a fitness device, with a heart rate monitor. Facebook is also partnering with leading telecommunications providers in the US to support LTE connectivity on the watch. This means that it will not need to be connected to a telephone to operate. The "smart" watch will be released in white, black and gold, while Facebook hopes to initially sell a six-digit number of devices. It is worth mentioning that Apple sold 34 million smartwatches last year, according to Counterpoint Research.

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Facebook first smartwatch - summer 2022
Facebook: It will launch its first smartwatch with two cameras in 2022

In future versions of the smartwatch, Facebook plans to offer it as a basic input device for programmed augmented reality (AR) glasses, which Zuckerberg believes will one day be ubiquitous, like cell phones. The company plans to use technology acquired from CTRL labs, a startup that has shown armbands capable of controlling a computer through wrist movements.

Facebook plans to release the first version of the smartwatch in the summer of 2022, while is already working on the second and third generation for the coming years. Officials recently discussed pricing of the device, which will amount to approximately 400$, which may change. Facebook could also completely discard the watch - which is unlikely - as the device has not yet entered mass production or even received an official name.

Facebook's history in hardware construction is not the best. The 2013 phone in collaboration with HTC was a failure and has not yet revealed sales for Oculus VR headphones or the Portal, video chat device for the home. In recent interviews, executives stated that sales for headphones Eye Quest 2 have surpassed all previous Oculus headphones as a whole.

Facebook - Augmented Reality Glasses (AR)
Facebook - Augmented Reality Glasses (AR)

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Facebook has been interested in making a smartwatch for a few years now. It sought to acquire Fitbit in 2019, before the Google go ahead and make the purchase. Since then, the social network has spent about $ 1 billion developing the first version of its watch and has hundreds of people working on the effort, according to insider sources. Earlier it was reported that Facebook was creating a "smart" watch with health and messaging features, but information about cameras and other details is new.

Using a customized version of Google's Android operating system, Facebook plans to build on the suite of applications, as well as external collaborations, to create exciting experiences for the watch, which will include an accompanying application for phones. It remains to be seen whether Facebook will be able to compete with Apple in the field of smartwatches.

Source of information: theverge.com

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