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Vivaldi browser is updated with new features

Vivaldi browser acquires some new tools with the new browser update. The new update, called Vivaldi 4.0, is the company's attempt to lure you away from Google services.


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Vivaldi said the new translation feature is powered by LingvaNex and all data is hosted in Iceland. The company tool offers almost all the languages ​​supported by Google Translate and works in desktop and Android applications for automatic one-click web translation.

Vivaldi also gets three new layouts in the browser interface: Essential, Classic and Fully Loaded. The latter option will give you access to the company's new tools: an email client, a calendar and a feed reader.

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Email from Vivaldi

Vivaldi's new email client is proud to do all the editing on your computer, so you do not have to give the data you to anyone. The company says this will make email search much easier and allow you to save searches and filters that you search for several times a week.

It has a default layout of three tables and when you compose a new email, it opens in a new tab. The client supports IMAP and POP3, so you can sync your existing email accounts with services like Gmail and Outlook. In addition, it has features such as "queue emails" for later, assigning multiple folders for specific types of emails, configurable shortcuts and invisible and unread views.

Vivaldi feed reader

The feed reader is the next tool released by the company. His idea is to integrate your news into your mailbox by receiving updates from posts you follow regularly. You can also follow YouTube channels and podcasts as feeds.

If you check the news several times a day, this tool will help you. But if you are an expert, it would be better to try Feedly, Inoreader or Follow.it.

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Vivaldi Calendar

Vivaldi's new calendar offers multiple views, such as day, week, many weeks and year. You can easily search for events or appointments and manage your listings with a built-in editor. Additionally, the browser allows you to effortlessly create a meeting with the "New calendar event" command without having to switch to calendar view.

All of the above are in beta so if you want to know more visit it link of Vivaldi.

Source of information: thenextweb.com

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