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Apple announces iOS 15: What's new?

iOS 15

Η Apple presented yesterday some of its elements iOS 15, the next important company update for the iPhone, which will come with new possibilities.

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iOS 15


In iOS 15, the FaceTime has a new one grid view and support portrait mode for video. In terms of sound, FaceTime calls now offer Spatial audio and adaptive voice isolation for a more natural experience.

Additionally, users can create a shared link to a scheduled video call and participate in FaceTime‌ calls through the device browser Android and Windows.

Finally, the “SharePlay”In ‌FaceTime‌ allows users to bring music, videos and movies during a call, while they can do and share screen. SharePlay works on iPhone, iPad and Mac and thanks to shared playback controls, anyone on a call can play, pause the music, or move on. SharePlay is also available as an API for integration with third-party applications, such as Disney +, HBO Max and TikTok.


Alerts in ‌iOS 15‌ have been redesigned, with the addition of contact photos and larger application icons. There is now one summary of notifications, which presents alerts depending on how users interact with the applications and the priority they give them.


IOS 15‌ offers new user statuses called “Focus“. Focus filters notifications and apps based on where the user wants to focus. Users can create one custom Focus or choose one proposed. Users can also create Home Screen pages with applications and widgets related to Focus.


The Photos will have the “Live text", Which allows users to highlight and select text in images. Live Text also works in other applications such as Apple News.



IOS 15‌ brings additional key types to the Wallet app, including corporate badges, hotel room keys, and smart home keys.

Wallet will also support ID cards in the United States. Users simply scan their ID to add it to the Wallet app.

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The application Weather now has a completely new design. A full screen map and new background animations are shown, showing the position of the sun, while one can see when the rain or snow starts and stops.


In OSiOS 15‌, Maps have globe view and much more detailed 3D projection in cities, including one new night mode. There are new road details, such as turns, bike lanes and crosswalks.

In addition, there is more information at Transit view and Maps automatically track users along a route, offering more detailed directions.

With OSiOS 15‌, users can hold their ‌iPhone‌ and Maps will create an accurate location for detailed instructions in augmented reality.



The Safari also comes with a new design. There is a new tab bar at the bottom of the screen, designed to allow users to move easily between different tabs. There are also, tab groups allowing users to easily access them at any time, on any device. Safari on ‌iPhone‌ supports extensions for the first time and one customizable home page.

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other characteristics

IOS 15‌ also has voice search in Safari, cross-app drag and drop capability and news Memoji outfits. Messages has new ways to content sharing, such as images, music, podcasts, Apple News articles and more, as well as pinned content.

The Health app has a new sharing tab, which allows users to share their health data with their family or doctors.

IOS 15‌ also enhances the privacy στοiPhone‌ users with Mail Privacy Protection and App Privacy Report.

All iPhones from iPhone 6S onwards will be able to install iOS 15. A public beta will be available to iOS users from next month.

Source: Macrumors

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