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Face ID is not enough to protect iPhone: What else do you need to do?

The use of technology touch ID ή Face ID of Apple to protect him iPhone or iPad is very important to you. When your phone or tablet requires scanning your fingerprint or face to unlock, it prevents anyone from accessing it.

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Face ID

However, even when iPhone or iPad is locked, there are still some applications and settings that can be exploited by any user with physical access to the device. For example, someone may be able to see a message from the lock screen without ever unlocking your phone.

What you can do to completely lock your iPhone or iPad:

Prevent the contents of notifications from appearing on the lock screen

If you have a newer iPhone that uses Face ID, you may have noticed that the notifications on the lock screen are hidden until you pick up your phone and unlock it by scanning your face.

This security feature can go a step further, setting your device to never reveal the contents of a message. Instead, you will see that you have a notification from a specific application and clicking on it will open it.

That way, someone close to your phone, will not be able to see the contents of your incoming emails and messages. Go to Settings> Notifications> Show Previews and select When Unlocked or Never.

Limit things that can be done on a locked iPhone or iPad

This is the most important part if you want to fully protect your device. Go to Settings> Face ID / Touch ID & Passcode. Enter your password, then scroll down to the Allow Access When Locked section.

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There you will find a list of various functions of the device (eg Siri, Today View, Control Center, Wallet etc.). If the "switch" next to it is on, it means that in these functions can be accessed directly from the lock screen, even when your device is locked.

For example, one could pick up an iPhone, activate Siri by pressing the side button, and request to send a message or make a call. And this is done with the iPhone locked.  

To prevent this from happening, you need to see the list of different functions and turn off access to each one individually, when the phone is locked. If you want to fully protect your iPhone and its data, you need to turn it all off. However, you can select only a few (most important to you) functions.

iPhone protection

Delete data: One more extreme solution

Caution! This is a solution only if you make regular backups for your iPhone or iPad. If you have backups, you will be able to get your data back without any problems.

Go to Settings> Face ID / Touch ID & Passcode. Enter your password, then go down. Select the option Erase Data. By activating this option the following is done. If someone enters your device password incorrectly 10 times, it will automatically reset to factory settings.

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The process is not done in a few minutes. After a few incorrect attempts, your phone or tablet will set a time limit before someone can try to enter your password again. After another failed attempt, the time between attempts will be extended. It will take 10 hour and 1 minutes before the delete function is activated to reach the 36 failed attempts.

In addition to Face ID, it's good to take a look at the above settings to ensure the protection of your iPhone or iPad.

Source: CNET

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