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Anonymous: Elon Musk "destroys lives" by commenting on crypto

A man who claims to represent the hacking group Anonymous has accused Tesla owner Elon Musk of shattering dreams and "ruining lives" with tweets about cryptocurrencies.

Anonymous Elon Musk

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With a few comments, memes, emoji and likes, the third richest person in the world has risen sharply but has also sunk the value of some cryptocurrencies many times in recent months, mainly with his cordial support for the dogecoin, followed more recently by serious allegations of concern about the environmental impact of bitcoin mining.

The latest incident saw bitcoin fall 7 percent in value on Friday after Musk shared a meme with his 56 million followers on Twitter, which some investors took as an indication that his electric vehicle company might intends to sell its coins, which it bought for $ 1,5 billion in February.

The person who claims to belong to the Anonymous group, said that Mr. Musk's irregular public faith in cryptocurrencies "shows a clear lack of respect for the average worker".

As he said, Mr. Musk has "enjoy one of the most auspicious rumors from anyone in the billionaire classExploiting the desire of many people to live in a world of electric cars and space exploration. The activist Guy Fawkes, described him as the sole CEO of such a company that "has won the cult through miserable posts and by trolling people on social media».

In a video that has been viewed more than a million times since its release on Saturday, the man cited a number of his previous comments and allegations against Musk, saying he appears to have "his attempt to save the world is based on more in a complex of superiority than in a real concern for humanity».

Anonymous Elon Musk

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In an attempt to clarify this claim, he referred to one article on conditions at Tesla factories that were described as "unacceptable" to workers and another that Mr Musk's family previously owned an emerald mine in Zambia.

He also noted some of Musk's previous comments, including one in which he wrote "we will coup anyone we want, In relation to the US-backed coup for the ousted president Evo Morales in Bolivia, and another in which he joked that he was a "conqueror of Mars" in an obvious reference to his desire to colonize the Red Planet. He also said that "a group of people will probably die".

Referring to the "very delicate" issue of bitcoin carbon footprint, which is currently estimated to be equal to that of New Zealand, the person said: "This is a discussion he has had for over a year and he knew well.»

«But as soon as his main source of income was threatened, he pretended to be ignorant in an attempt to play double board.. "

The Los Angeles Times estimated in 2015 that Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX had benefited from $ 4,9 billion in government support. This included tax credits, a mechanism used in places like the US, Europe and China, where carmakers can meet government emissions standards by buying "credits" from greener companies.

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The Financial Times and CNBC reported that selling credit to competitors was a financial line for Tesla and often accounted for much of the company's profitability, as evidenced by the company's earnings reports. However, there is no evidence that this is related to Mr Musk's recent change in bitcoin.

«As hard-working people see their dreams shattered by your public outrage, you continue to make fun of them with memes from one of your multimillion-dollar mansions.Said the Anonymous member, before concluding by saying "You may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have found your equal. We are Anonymous. We are a Legion. Expect us.»

Musk has not yet publicly addressed the clip, but shortly after its release he posted on Twitter: "Do not kill what you hate, save what you love».

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