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Uninterrupted internet for businesses with COSMOTE Business Double Play programs

The pandemic period highlighted the importance of technology for the smooth running of businesses in any conditions. With landline and Internet plans COSMOTE Business Double Play, enables businesses to have uninterrupted Internet, thanks to the service Internet Backup and the utilization of COSMOTE mobile network[1]. Also, the programs offer high speeds up to 200Mbps, more talk time to mobile and international destinations, as well as call center services.

COSMOTE Business Double Play

The largest fiber optic network in Greece, COSMOTE Fiber, which offers speeds up to 200Mbps (availability check: here.) in combination with the COSMOTE mobile network, enhance the efficiency of businesses, ensuring their uninterrupted operation.

The Internet Backup service

All COSMOTE Business Double Play programs with Internet Backup service, enable immediate backup access to Internet and telephony, via the COSMOTE mobile network. In case of permanent connection disconnection, the Internet Backup service allows businesses to remain connected to the Internet, as the connection is achieved via a USB stick of the service, with a built-in mobile sim card, which is permanently installed on the router. In this way, the uninterrupted provision of services that are necessary for the operation of a business, such as Internet access, voice, email exchange, access to cloud applications, e-shop management, etc. is ensured. ..

The COSMOTE Business Double Play include:

  • High Internet speeds up to 200Mbps, so that every business operates quickly and efficiently, downloading files instantly, making teleconferences, etc.
  • Landline with 2.000 minutes to all constants, even more talk time, to 1.500 minutes, to mobiles in Greece and to international landlines and mobiles, as well as unlimited intercompany calls on COSMOTE Business mobiles.
  • Services Call Center (smart office), without special equipment, which offer the possibility for free for: recorded messages and announcements, waiting for up to 5 calls, etc.
  • In addition, the Full Pack programs have - at no extra cost - services online presence with free domain ".gr" or ".eu", hosting of the company's website with 6GB space in the modern infrastructure of COSMOTE, as well as static IP.

COSMOTE Business Double Play programs start from € 39,90 / month. More information about the programs: here..

COSMOTE FIBER: The largest fiber optic network in Greece 

OTE Group is the largest investor in new technologies and infrastructure in Greece. Thanks to the continuous expansion of the network, it remains the first in population coverage, having installed over the 77% of total FTTH lines of the country. Through COSMOTE Fiber, COSMOTE subscribers can enjoy guaranteed speeds 100 & 200 Mbps with the possibility of upgrading to 1Gbps in the future. Today, over 360.000 households and businesses have access to 100% fiber optic to the building (FTTH), while the goal is to exceed half a million by the end of the year.

[1] COSMOTE 4G network coverage is required for the operation of the Internet Backup service.

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