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IPhone battery issues after iOS 14.6 update

Have you noticed that the battery of iPhone you have been negatively affected after installing the version iOS 14.6; If so, you need to know that you are not the only one facing this problem.

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The iOS 14.6 update released last week, and since then many users have reported issues with their iPhone battery. One user said that iPhone 12 Pro Max he had "Excellent battery life which turned out to be surprisingly poor", While another said that charges his iPhone all the time from the moment he installed the update.

In the MacRumors forums, a user said that the battery in iPhone 12 Pro was coming down faster than normal, but it also started to overheats while browsing Safari. A similar experience was described by another user with one iPhone 12 mini.

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Problems with the battery life of a phone after an update is not uncommon. IPhone needs to perform various housekeeping tasks after a new installation, so it can temporarily affect battery life in the early days.

iOS 14.6

However, if there is continuity, then you will probably have a problem.

With a little effort, you can find a solution to this problem. For example, some users have used Battery screen iOS (Settings> Battery) to address the issue and found that one of the things that affected the battery was the Podcast app. Deleting the application solved the problem.

Of course, if someone uses this application, deleting it is not a solution. But at least he can figure out what is causing the problem and decide what to do.

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The Battery screen helps a lot in detecting battery problems on the iPhone. Allows users to see in detail where the iPhone battery is consumed, how much battery each application consumes, etc.

If the problems persist, however, and it is found to be a software issue, there will be a correction by Apple.

Source: ZDNet

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