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The new Tesla models use the same processor as the PlayStation 5

AMD confirms Tesla uses new GPU RDNA 2 in new rear-seat entertainment system for its new vehicles Model S and Model X, which is also used on the PlayStation 5.

Tesla PlayStation 5

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When Tesla introduced the new S and X models in January, one of their biggest new features was the addition of a screen for the rear seats.

The company also confirmed that the screen will be powered by a new powerful gaming computer with 10 teraflops of processing power.

Now we learn more about the new computer that will use the car. THE AMD recently introduced the Radeon RX 6000M series with RDNA 2 architecture.

«Today at Computex 2021 AMD many powerful new solutions have been introduced that take high performance games to new levels. Designed to deliver world-class performance, incredible visual fidelity and exciting gaming laptops, the new AMD Radeon ™ RX 6000M Series Mobile Graphics features the top-of-the-line Radeon RX 6800M, the fastest AMD Radeon GPU for laptops , giving desktops class performance, to power ultra-fast 1440p gaming frames anywhere.»

Tesla PlayStation 5

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The chip maker has confirmed that the new technology not only powers the popular Sony PlayStation 5 but also Tesla's new gaming computer in the new Model S and Model X.

One of Tesla's basic requirements for computing power is not only processing power but also energy efficiency.

As it became known recently, Tesla has focused more on video games in its vehicles, with the aim of "optimizing the fun" offered by the acquisition of one of its models.

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Last year, Tesla created a new group of video games and user interfaces in Austin as the automaker seeks to turn its vehicles into a truly viable video game platform.

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