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Why is Twitter shutting down the verification request process?

Twitter recently announced that it is renewing public verification requests for the first time since 2017. The process of providing the coveted "blue tick" in six selected categories began last week. But just days later, Twitter said it was suspending verification requests. Apparently, Twitter has received more requests than expected.


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"The process with the coveted verification requests continues dynamically. "We must stop accepting requests to review what has been submitted," he said on Twitter.

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Access to the application itself is not available

Twitter has not given a specific date or time for the requests to open. But we assume it will happen once you look at the existing ones.

Twitter also said: "Right now, while accepting requests has been paused, access to the app has been suspended. "Once the requests are open, we will continue to provide access to the application process."

Let us remind you that Twitter has re-edited its verification process, opening it to eligible users from six different categories: government, companies / brands / organizations, news organizations /Journalists, entertainment, sports / gaming and activists /influencers.

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Twitter did not know

To be eligible for verified status, Twitter users must have an account that includes a profile name, image, and verified address email or telephone number. Also, these accounts must be active for the last six months and "have a Twitter compliance record".

According to reports, Twitter has 199 million active users and only 360.000 of them currently have the blue tick.

Given these numbers, in a sense, it is at least strange that Twitter did not predict the number of requests.

Source of information: techradar.com

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